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Achos: Journey to Armskirk

The journey to Armskirk port

Boarding a wagon to Armskirk port the part of six had a three day journey ahead of them.  With ample provisions provided by the wagon service it should have been a fairly simple trip.

Gregory Splendiforous was the first to greet the others extending warm greetings and a handshake. Many of the party were put at ease by his friendliness and slid into relaxed conversation. However the elf Nige and the warlock Augustus were both a bit more apprehensive to mingle at first.

The first days travel passed uneventfully and the party set up camp to rest for the evening. The magic users provided some simple lights and a campfire was lit for everyone to congregate around. It was decided to take up guard shifts throughout the night to be safe and Gregory with his keen vision spotted a group of people skirting around the edge of their camp. Being a man of action he called out to them and when they started to run he gave chase, however they were too fast and he lost them in the thick tree line.

The next day while on the road they encountered some people who had been slain while traveling in the dark. Why a family would risk moving by night no one knew but a burial was given and prayers recited both for the Holy Light and The Great Worm.

On the second night as the sun began to set they noticed smoke rising ahead of them about another day out, they deduced that it must be coming from the port.  Nige tried to persuade the wagon driver to keep going through the night but could not intimidate him into doing so due to the large number of virtuous people traveling with them. Concerns were raised by Gremrigg who started to hear whispering voices that strangely no one else seemed to notice. In the night during Nige's shift a group of people came running through the camp in abject terror, they would not stop no matter the efforts of the party. Due to this the party decided to push onward and get into the town for dawn break.

During the final leg of the journey Bjork the tiefling was given the task of keeping watch due to his dark vision. He noticed a group of people huddling by a tree ahead but thought nothing of it, this proved unwise as the group felled a tree into the wagons path and caused it to crash mortally wounding both the driver and his horses.

The wagon crash threw everyone out in different directions thankfully no one else was badly hurt in the collision. The party was then set upon by this six men who were clearly bandits of some kind. With quick thinking Bjork charmed one of the men making him think of him as an old friend while Gremrigg hurled an axe at the man next to him carving him in twain. With this distraction in place Drew Id'man the druid ran to flank the enemy alongside Nige the elf both of who felled an enemy with fire and arrows respectively. With half the enemies already incapacitated the rest of the group engaged in melee combat exchanging blows and glancing hits. Nige lept over to the last standing foe and struck his head with the hilt of his stiletto rendering him unconscious. 

With the fight concluded Nige, Gremrigg and Gregory set off to walk towards the port deeming it more important than dealing with the remaining two incapacitated men. As they drew nearer to the port Gremrigg heard the whispers yet again but far louder than before but still intelligible.

Bjork questioned the man who he had charmed learning that the bandit leader had plans in the port and that evil deeds were being carried out. Since it was clear that nothing else could be learnt from him Drew incinerated him alive while Augustus slit the throat of the unconscious man in a delirious fit to the Great Worm.

With the smoke from the port starting to grow ever wider and blacker the party walks the final leg of the journey hoping to find out what is occurring in the port of Armskirk. 



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